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Outlook 2007 Plugin Now Available!

Over the past few days we’ve updated Simple Sales Tracking with a number of enhancements.

Two that you’ll notice straight away are (1) the ability to re-assign ownership of a Task to another user and (2) the sales Follow Up Box on the Start Page now includes all sales (no longer just the top 10) and text shadding when the follow up dates start to slip.

Our major announcement today is the release of the Simple Sales Tracking Outlook 2007 Plugin. This initial plugin has been built for the 2007 edition of Outlook. A plugin for the 2003 edition of Outlook is in development.

Initially we will be making the plugin available by request. If you’re interested in using the plugin, please contact support and we will send you the install file. Installation is simple and takes less than one minute.

Please keep in mind the plugin is available only to Full (Paid) Account Customers.

Outlook Plugin Features

Secure Login, using SSL encryption.

While looking at the detail view of an email message, select the Sale (Lead, Opportunity or Account) from the drop down list and click Add. It will be uploaded to Simple Sales Tracking and show up in the Documents list of that Sale.

Any Sale you’re tracking in Simple Sales Tracking that’s not marked as Closed will appear in the drop down list.

When you create a new Task, Appointment or Contact instead of clicking the standard “Save & Close” button, choose a Sale from the drop down list and click “Save and Add to Simple Sales Tracking”.

This will save the item to Simple Sales Tracking as well as to Outlook.

We Value Your Feedback

We’re committed to driving future enhancements of Simple Sales Tracking based on your feedback and requests.

At any time, contact us at with your feedback and requests.

© 2008 Consilium Solutions Corp. Simple Sales Tracking is a service of Consilium Solutions Corp. All Rights Reserved.

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