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Ways to Double Your Sales in 2009

At the January workshop, the question was posed to the group – How do we double our sales income in 2009. The results follow:

1. Invest in training (see me)

2. Join BNI (Business Referral Group)

3. Have a goal – plan and strategy

4. Make more time – measure-measure-measure

5. Self appraisal (post presentation – what did I do right)

6. Increase the average price of the sale

7. Packaging the product with similar products or services

8. Review the marketing – measure-measure-measure

9. Brand awareness – have a focus to create this

10. Feedback to the client – systemize

11. Ask for the sale every time!! – don’t be scared to!

12. Elevating the product presentations

13. Sales Plan with prepared questions

14. Listen for the buying signals

15. Ask for referrals

16. Keep good customer records

17. Sales Systems – prospecting, presentation and sales planning.

18. Watch the Funnel – work your numbers – keep it full!

19. Prospecting existing customers to gain wallet share

20. Continually develop new COI’s

21. Networking – join clubs i.e. Chamber of Commerce to meet like minded people

22. Targeted marketing campaign

23. Allocate specific time for prospecting and planning

24. Improved customer contact with existing customers – 90 day rule

25. Up-selling to existing clients

26. Well developed business plan with defined goals and targets

27. Refine and follow proven sales processes

The real formula to double your income in 2009 is to get every one of your clients to refer another client just like them to you and for you to covert them to a new client – simple isn’t it!

It is only simple if you have a process to follow – develop your systems!

Next workshop is on Wednesday 18 March at 4.30-5.30 at MR Print in Hastings, New Zealand. It does pay to book as we only had three spare seats left at the last workshop.

Remember these workshops are free to current and past clients and those who may be contemplating undertaking training with our company. Clients are welcome to bring guests.

Brett Burgess is a Sales Trainer and Programme Developer for Sales Impact Group Limited.


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