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New Features Galore!

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of some much anticipated new features and capability within Simple Sales Tracking.

In Summary, here’s what’s been added:

  • 5 New User Definable (Custom) Fields for Sales

  • Lead Source Field for Sales is Now Editable

  • 5 New Reports & Existing Ones Enhanced. Html tags in Reports, Now Cleaned Out. Page Numbering and Total Record Counts Shown on Every Report. Mailing Label Report.

  • Mobile Friendly Buttons for One-Click Phone Calls and Emails to Contacts

  • Faster Page Loading Time, using Better Page Compression.

  • No More Account Activation Email when Adding New Users to your Existing Company.

5 New User Definable (Custom) Fields for Sales

Define up to 5 of your own fields in your Admin page.
Available Only on Full (Paid) Accounts.

Each of those fields will then be available in the details of every Account, Opportunity and Lead. They’re also available in reports.

Lead Source Field for Sales is Now Editable

You’re no longer confined to using pre-populated options for Lead Source from a drop down list. Now, you can choose your own.

5 New Reports & Existing Ones Enhanced

New Reports Include:

  • Detailed Sales Accounts, with more fields included. Also includes User Defined fields.

  • Notes, Tasks and Appointments Report on Individual Account, Opportunity or Lead.

  • Detailed Contacts Report, with Addresses

  • Contacts Mailing Lable Report, for Printing.
In addition to the new reports, each report now includes:

  • Total Record Count

  • Page Numbers

  • No more messy html tags

Mobile Friendly Buttons for One-Click Phone Calls and Emails to Contacts

From your mobile device, tap the phone or email icons to instantly connect with the contact.

API & Re-Release of Outlook 2007 Plugin

In a follow up newsletter to come shortly, we’ll be announcing the availability of our API documentatation. We’ll also provide the latest version of the Outlook 2007 Plugin.

The API and Outlook 2007 plugin have been used so far only by a select group. Now they’re both ready for the main stream.

Along with the release will be sample code to show how easy it is to build your own software that can connect with, and leverage your data from within Simple Sales Tracking.

Partner Program Now Open

If you’re not already part of our partner progam, you can find out more about it here.

It’s a great way to earn additional income from an ongoing 20% commisssion.

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