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A Feature Bonanza, Part 1 of 2

Over the weekend we released a handful of new features and we think you’re going to like them.

We’ll give you the highlights in this newsletter and with one in particular, we’ll follow up in a (rare) second newsletter to follow shortly.

User Defined fields as Drop Down Lists

Until now, User Defined fields were available only as text boxes. That meant that you needed to type in each value manually for every record.

Sometimes values recur, so to speed things up, we’ve given you the option to change a text box to a drop down list.
To define the values for the drop down list, have a look on the Admin page.


A while back we gave you the ability to upload your company logo. Now, you can upload an Avatar, or profile picture of yourself.

Latest News & Real-Time Chatter

Sound familiar? We’ll tell you all about it in a newsletter to follow a little later.

Sales in Tasks List now Linkable

For better reference, and by popular request, we’ve made the column of Sales in the Tasks list linkable back to the related Sale.

Changes to the Social Tab

A while ago we introduced the Social Tab, with its Twitter integration. It’s been a popular feature and we’d like to continue to add to it; however, by growing it, it will outgrow it’s fit within Simple Sales Tracking. As a marketing tool, we felt branching it off onto it’s own mini-product (still integrated with Simple Sales Tracking), would be the best approach.

We’re calling the new product Twitter Web Alerts. Have a look and let us know what you think.

And not to worry, if you’re currently using the capability, you’ll have the option to migrate accross at no charge with a long while of free usage as well.

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