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Simple Sales Tracking Reviewed at Salesopedia

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“So Simple Sales Tracking comes along and says hey – we are here for the small business owner, the independent sales person and the smaller sales teams who need a reliable easy to use CRM system that people will quickly adopt and use to leverage their sales.

I think they have done just that. Pop on to their website and click on the product tour tab and you’ll see some screen grabs of just how straightforward this software is.”

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Simple Sales Tracking to be Featured in Upcoming Book Release

Later this year, the group over at Sales SourceBook will be releasing their newly published book.  We recently spent some time with them providing an overview of Simple Sales Tracking, which will be featured in the book.

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Telerik TV Features Simple Sales Tracking

View the hour long session with Carl Franklin at: 

About Telerik TV

Telerik TV is a virtual library of showcase videos dedicated to applications built with Telerik’s development tools and components. Designed to educate and inspire the .NET community, Telerik TV offers product deep-dives, innovative tips, and other helpful information by Telerik customers who share their know-how and experience with our products.
Carl Franklin, a host of the wildly popular mp3 talk show .NET Rocks, is also hosting the Telerik TV series.

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MP3 Teleconference with Wedding Professionals Available for Download

Listen to the hour long teleconference via the the following link:

The session was hosted by Marc at Great Wedding Network


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Simple Sales Tracking Featured for Wedding Professionals and Event Coordinators

Last week we took part in a teleconference where we showcased Simple Sales Tracking as a tool for wedding professionals and event coordinators.

The event was organized by Great Wedding Network’s ( ) Marc Fuller.

After walking through a real life case study and examples specific to their industry, the lines were opened for questions.

The event turned out to be a success!  In the near future the session will be made available as an mp3 download.

Customers now span many countries throughout the world.


Thank you all for choosing Simple Sales Tracking!

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Simple Sales Tracking Reviewed at CRMHelpDeskSoftware.Com

Excerpt: “If you are currently using or considering Maximizer, I highly recommending test driving Simple Sales Tracking first before you make your decision. You can’t go wrong with free or $15 per user per month.”

Full article at:


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Simple Sales Tracking Gets Mention on Innovation Resource Centre Blog

The Innovation Resource Centre, based in Prince George, BC mentions Simple Sales Tracking in a recent blog post, highlighting the benefits of the system.  More at: and


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Simple Sales Tracking to be Featured on Telerik TV

Early next month, Simple Sales Tracking’s Operations Director, Shane Redlick, will be interviewed and will present Simple Sales Tracking via Telerik TV. 

Telerik’s ( advanced .net component technology is used throughout Simple Sales Tracking, adding powerful features, which result in a better user experience.

Stay tuned for more details.

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Simple Sales Tracking Gets a Mention on WebWorkerDaily


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Review and Recommendation by Jonathan Farrington

Today’s News: As you can imagine, every week I am swamped with requests to recommend this new product or review that new book, and frankly it has to be good for me to even think about it. However, last week I received an e-mail from Shane Redlick announcing the launch of Simple Sales Tracking and guess what? It is a great product! Why? Because it is simple and yet totally functional – and I love both of those. Check it out for yourself, here (Oh, and I do not receive any payment for making recommendations”

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Simple Sales Tracking is web-based sales CRM software for the tracking, analysis and forecasting of individual and team sales pipeline and contacts.

Built with simplicity at its core, focus is kept on key sales tasks, while eliminating unnecessary ones, helping to ensure buy-in of the entire sales team.
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