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Check out our new features!

We have been listening to your requests and now – some great new features and enhancements are ready and waiting for you.


  • Import Leads

    In your Start Page, you’ll notice a new Import Leads from a file option. Download the template provided to make things even easier.

  • ICal Support

    Easily grab individual appointments or all of them together from your Calendar in the industry standard ICal format. Open and save the file into your favorite email program.

  • Calendar Enhancements

    Larger working area and integrated date picker. Loads fast and looks great.

  • Text Editor Enhancements

    Now resizable, Printable and Super fast loading.

  • Tab Ordering

    We’ve improved the tab ordering on the Contact detail form.

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What’s the difference between Leads, Opportunities and Accounts

From time to time we’ll get a question about the differences between Leads, Opportunities and Accounts.  Here’s a quick blog post to help clear it up.

Lead -> Opportunity -> Accounts represents a progression in the sales pipeline.

So, in many cases a sale starts as a lead, becomes an opportunity and then an account in that order.

For example:

1. A lead usually represents someone who you think might want to buy something from you, but they’ve not actually said that they do yet. (you may not have even spoken with them yet.)
2. An opportunity could then be the next stage, where you’ve spoken with someone and they’ve indicated that they are in fact interested in what you’re selling.
3. An account would be finally that they’ve made the decision to buy from you and they’re now you’re customer.

Each of the forms in Simple Sales Tracking for these look very similar on purpose – to provide a smooth transition for that pipeline.

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Importing Contacts from a File

Importing contacts from any comma-delimited (.csv file name extension) file into Simple Sales Tracking can be done quickly and easily; however, there are a few steps that must be taken to ensure a successful import.

If you were to export your contacts from Outlook or many other similar type applications, the correct format should already exist.

If you want to create the comma-delimited file yourself, you can use the following template as a guide.  Download it here.

Save the template to your computer and open it in Microsoft Excel, or other type application and follow the format that’s given.

Then, after the initial step of uploading your file to Simple Sales Tracking, you’ll be asked to match up the information from your file with how it’s stored in Simple Sales Tracking.  At this step there are further instructions on doing so.

And that’s it!

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Web to Lead Forms Now Available

You speak – we listen. Many of you have requested a capability known as Web to Lead Forms. Over the weekend we introduced this new capability and in this newsletter we’ll walk you through what they are.

Web to Lead Forms provides a way for you to include a form on your website to capture both new contacts and new leads and have that information stored directly into Simple Sales Tracking. Each time a new piece of information is collected, you’re automatically notified via email.

Step 1 – Build the Form

Login to Simple Sales Tracking and click the new “Web to Lead” link at the top of the page. From there, select each field you want to include in your form and optionally change the text that describes each one. Once complete, click the “Build” button.

Step 2 – Preview the Completed Form

After clicking the “Build” button, further down the page you’ll see a preview of what your new Web to Lead form looks like. If you need to make further changes, do so, then click the “Build” button again.

Step 3 – Copy and Paste the Html Code

You’ll notice next to the Preview a textbox labelled Html Code with some text in it. Copy that Html Code into the code of a webpage on your website and the form will be there.

Step 4 – Enable Web to Lead Forms

As a security measure, your account administrator (the first account created by default when you signed up), will have to select a check box on the Admin page in order to enable the Web to Lead forms to work.

You’re Done! Create as many Web to Lead forms as you like. Remember to test them to make sure they’re capturing the data the way you want it.

Please note Web to Lead Forms are available to Full Account holders only. If you’re using a Limited Account, consider upgrading today!

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Getting Started Video Tuturial Series – Now Available On The Website!

March 17, 2008

Based on a number of requests we’ve received for a “getting started” style video tutorial series, we’ve published a series of 5 videos, which cover the following areas:

  • Video 1: SignUp & Login (6:10 minutes)
  • Video 2: Creating Your First Contact & Lead (5:29 minutes)
  • Video 3: Upgrading a Lead to an Opportunity (7:39 minutes)
  • Video 4: Overview of the Start and List Pages. Upgrading an Opportunity to an Account. (10:28 minutes)
  • Video 5: Settings and Admin Pages (2:23 minutes)

To view the videos online, visit the website or click here.

We Value Your Feedback

We’re committed to driving future enhancements of Simple Sales Tracking based on your feedback and requests.

At any time, contact us at with your feedback and requests.

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